Practical Action

There are a number of blue carbon programs, tools and methods relevant to quantifying blue carbon, and on-ground blue carbon projects. A wide variety of activities can be considered blue carbon practical action. Some focus on specific aspects of blue carbon, whereas others are broad in scope. Types of blue carbon practical action include:

Increasing scientific knowledge about coastal blue carbon ecosystems and the effects of different management activities is improving the potential for implementation of blue carbon activities. The most significant impediments to effective on-ground project implementation relate to uncertainty about blue carbon related government policies, limited capacity of implementing organisations and local communities, and constrained financial capacity to develop, implement, maintain, monitor and report on project outcomes.

However, sufficient knowledge and tools exist to initiate on-ground blue carbon projects, provided the best available data is adopted, with flexibility built into project planning and monitoring to integrate new knowledge as this becomes available. A range of tools have been developed to quantify the carbon benefits of blue carbon projects, and new tools under development will further enhance the potential for blue carbon projects to efficiently monitor and report progress.