Tools and resources

New! Policy Assessment Activity

This Activity offers a simple template for new or experienced blue carbon practitioners (policy makers, scientists, conservationists and others) to undertake an assessment of the policy conditions impacting the health and resilience of coastal blue carbon ecosystems. The Activity can help to identify pathways to ensure their long-term conservation for climate action.

Drawing on the National Blue Carbon Policy Assessment Framework and Tool by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) (2016, Herr.D et al) this new activity presents a short, desktop or workshop style template which anybody can undertake to conduct a broad, but insightful assessment of policy conditions supporting blue carbon action.

It is designed to inspire you to question norms and identify new approaches for managing valuable blue carbon assets. When completed with a team, it can prompt lively debate and encourage collaboration.

More information is contained within the booklet. You may wish to download the whole booklet, which includes detailed instructions and useful hints to guide your work, or just the main A3 Worksheet.

We hope that the information you gather and solutions you identify in this activity will inspire you and your team to dive deeper into the prospect of sustainable management of coastal blue carbon. Get in touch with us via the Contact form to share your findings and reflections with the global network of blue carbon practitioners in the IPBC, and help to accelerate action around the world.

Download the full booklet, with guidance:      Download just the A3 Worksheet here:

New! Factsheet: incorporating coastal wetlands in inventories

The 2013 Supplement to the 2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories: Wetlands (the Wetlands Supplement) provides guidance to countries on reporting for emissions associated with changes in the land-use of coastal wetlands, including both their conversion and degradation, as well as their restoration.

The factsheet draws on the outcomes of a workshop held by the International Partnership for Blue Carbon and University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, July 2018. It provides a shorter, 2-page summary of key outcomes from the workshop, which is reported on in more detail in the ‘Lessons Learned’ document at the bottom of this page.

 Read the factsheet here: 

Wetlands Inventories – Lessons Learned


This document describes the outcomes of a workshop held by the International Partnership for Blue Carbon and University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, July 2018 that addressed the experiences of countries in implementing the Chapter 4 Coastal Wetlands guidance from the Wetlands Supplement.  Government representatives from Australia, Cambodia, Fiji, Malaysia, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and the United States joined scientists, non-government organisations to share information at the event.