Out of the Blue – global seagrass report launched by UN Environment Programme and partners

Seagrass, Lutz, GRID-Arendal
Seagrass, Lutz, GRID-Arendal

The importance of seagrasses is highlighted in a global report, Out of the Blue: The Value of Seagrasses to the Environment and to People, released by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) together with GRID-Arendal and UNEP’s World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC).

Seagrass meadows are among the most common coastal habitats on Earth, covering more than 300,000 km2 in at least 159 countries. Seagrass ecosystems play an outsized role in combatting the climate crisis. They are highly efficient carbon sinks storing up to 18 per cent of the world’s oceanic carbon.

This global synthesis report highlights the unique range of values provided by seagrasses to people around the world. It aims to provide a science-based synthesis of the numerous services linked to seagrasses and the associated risks in losing them in the age of climate change, as well as ongoing global habitat loss and degradation.

This report provides management and policy options at the local, regional and global levels, with the aim to share best practices and prevent further losses. It also highlights the opportunities that effective conservation measures, sustainable management and successful restoration efforts for seagrass ecosystems can provide to governments in order to achieve their international environmental policy commitments, including climate and conservation targets and objectives.

Please follow these links to the main report and accompanying material:

Out of the Blue report and summaries in UN languages: https://www.unenvironment.org/resources/report/out-blue-value-seagrasses-environment-and-people

Unsung Heroes of our Oceans StoryMap: https://url.grida.no/UNSeagrassSM

Event Update: Third Annual Partnership Meeting and Pacific Blue Carbon Workshop

Suva, Fiji 18-21 SEPTEMBER 2018
Hosted by the International Partnership for Blue Carbon and the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat-Office of the Pacific Ocean Commissioner (PIFS-OPOC)

Please indicate your interest in attending one or both events by emailing bluecarbonpartnership@environment.gov.au or using the contact form.

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