Seeking to protect and conserve coastal blue carbon ecosystems
– mangroves, tidal marshes and seagrasses –
for climate change mitigation and adaptation.
Split shot of Blue water mangrove in Yanggefo island, Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Building awareness

Blue carbon ecosystems are increasingly becoming a part of the international dialogue in adaptation, mitigation, wetlands preservation and biodiversity conservation discussions. More needs to be done to ensure the role of these important coastal ecosystems is recognised in broader discussions about the blue economy, fisheries, reef health and anthropogenic impacts on oceans. This focus area captures the Partnership’s potential to elevate the profile of blue carbon internationally, in the private sector and on national government agendas.

Lush marshlands on the Bay of Fundy.
Sharing knowledge

There is an extensive range and depth of knowledge and expertise on blue carbon among members of the Partnership. The multi-stakeholder nature of the Partnership is a fundamental strength  and offers an opportunity to establish networks across different actors – including from both the technical and policy side. This pillar aims to advance our global understanding of these ecosystems and leverage the scientific knowledge that exists in various fora. It builds on the Partnership’s ability to catalyse action by bringing the ‘right players’ to the table to discuss barriers to action and lessons learned on how to overcome challenges. These lessons could support enhanced management of blue carbon ecosystems.

Seagrass, Adriatic Sea, Greece
Accelerating practical action

Leveraging the expertise held within the Partnership, this pillar aims to develop and share approaches to protect and enhance coastal blue carbon. Drawing from the other pillars, the Partnership aims to share knowledge, expertise, and experience in implementing blue carbon-relevant management strategies. The Partnership also plans to seek to identify opportunities for synergies with existing projects and programs. In particular, it intends to seek to identify opportunities for scaling blue carbon solutions.