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IPBC Dialogue 2023 Summary Report24/04/2023
Blue Forest Finance

The nations of the Indian Ocean host a substantial proportion of the world’s blue forests and meadows (for example, together they contain almost half of the world’s mangrove forests), but they also include hotspots where the rate of loss of these ecosystems is greatest.

IPBC Knowledge Exchange 2 – Introduction to financing opportunities for blue carbon

This video features a virtual panel session and provides an overview of the different funding paths for blue carbon conservation and restoration activities, including the international carbon market, non-market mechanisms and innovative finance.

Investing for Ocean Impact

A podcast series on the reasons to invest in the ocean.

Strategies for Operationalising Nature-Based Solutions in the Private Sector

This white paper provides guidance to companies looking to adopt and scale nature-based solutions within their organizations.

The Paris Agreement, Carbon Pricing & NCS

This report examines natural climate solutions in the context of carbon finance, corporate investment and land sector offsets.